Effect of Nicotinic Acid and Derivatives on Rat Liver Regeneration

Diets containing elevated levels of nicotinic acid as such or in the form of the sodium salt (0.25% as based on the acid) or nicotinamide (0.35% and 0.65%) decreased the extent of liver regeneration in partially hepatectomized rats. Isonicotinic acid hydrazide (0.25%) and kynurenic acid (0.35%) were without effect. Coraminc (0.35–1.0%) by this route or by subcutaneous injection markedly increased the rate. In contrast to the diets, nicotinic acid or amide force fed as a large single daily dosage or nicotinic acid administered subcutaneously did not influence the extent of liver regeneration. The incorporation of 0.35% choline in a ration containing 0.35% nicotinamide negated the effect due to the amide, no statistically significant change over the control rate being apparent.